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Top 5 of my bests moments at FACRP

Now it’s time for me to go back to Martinique. After 3 beautiful weeks, I leave Trinidad not without a little sadness.

I know I will come back soon because I met amazing people, I saw a lot things and I learned a lot.

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The sound of Bamboo

Hello Everybody

Since a few days, I talk to you about my internship, about things I love or I never ever seen like The Natural Theater or this view on Downtown Port Of Spain.

Did you ever hear the bamboo sound? No ?! I can change that.

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Amazing Trini view


It’s Jeremie, now you know me. Last time I talked to you about the Natural Theater, this little place like the Coliseum.

Today, I want to share with you another beautiful place not to far from The Natural Theater.

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Natural Theater


I’m Jeremie, internship from Martinique. I’m in Trinidad for 3 weeks to improve my English and discover this lovely country.

My first week at FARCP (Fondes Amandes Reforestation Community Project) was very nice. I met lot of people who are investing into this project.

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So today is my last day here and I won’t lie I’m going to miss this place.!! From what felt like the long journey’s every morning up to the Yabba Hut to the adventurous hikes in the “bush.”I learned alot about the importance of trees to the environment..I had so much fun with 2016 camp..the kids were awesome and made my time even more memorable. I felt comfortable and at home being surrounded by nature..and i made some excellent friendships and memories that i’ll never forget…!

Thank you F.A.C.R.P

from the 2016 Arthur Ashe intern

Azaria Waithe

Fun at the Beach :)

We enjoyed our trip to the beach Friday July 29th, with the climate change camp the F.A.C.R.P. hosted. We were split into groups and were tasked with creating a message to the world about climate change. It was a veeeery exciting and we had lots of fun. The children there were amazing and I enjoyed helping them learn about climate change adaptation and mitigation, but most importantly, the sand fight was awesome. 😀 😀


Dawnelle Paul

F.A.C.R.P./ Arthur Ashe Intern

The Resilient Chaconia

chaconiaSpotted while on our journey through the forest, the magnificent Chaconia. It seemed to be very well adapted to the new conditions brought about by climate change. It is very resilient and truly deserves to be our national flower.
Dawnelle Paul
F.A.C.R.P./ Arthur Ashe Intern

Venture in the Bush

Today the adventures in the bush began. We followed the trails of wonder to the Amphitheatre and beyond. It was exhilarating!!!! We made friends with a lizard and a squirrel 🙂 Unfortunately we led four chickens to their deaths *crying emoji* feeding them to the two awesome neighborhood snakes, lol guess it was worth it!! Overall it was an awesome experience and I am excited to continue doing my internship at this NGO 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

20/07/16                                                                                                      Dawnelle Paul                                                                                    Arthur Ashe Intern

Zip-Lining at Macqueripe

My last day at the FACRP Youth Camp, we went and tried Zip-Lining at Macqueripe. I am afraid of heights, so I was afraid of doing the Zip-Line. They gave us instructions of how we are suppose to keep our selves on the Zip-Line. when I reach on top of the Zip-Line I was so frighten that I forgot all the instructions they gave us.


The instructor had to explain it all over again to me. When they buckle me up on the line, they told me to sit down with my feet crossed. then they told me to place my weak hand on the buckle, and place my strong hand on the bottom line with my index and thumb making a circle around the line that doesn’t touch the line. Finally they told me when I saw a red flag to apply pressure to the line. My first time was the worst, I did what they told me but still got stuck because I was frightened. I got stuck three- quarter way into the line and one of the instructors needed to come help me. I was panicking so much that my hand ended up in front of me instead of behind me. My gloves got stuck in between the line and the buckle so I couldn’t even do the pull of shame. The instructor told me I was lucky because i could have gotten cut off.There were seven lines in all and all others where OK. I got across them without getting stuck. I felt accomplished and it was a great ride. We ended our day taking a bathe in the beach for about twenty minutes after all our had work and effort we put into Zip-Lining.

Alana –

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